GHS Construction restores Marquette’s historic First United Methodist Church steeple.
Removed old copper cladding, rebuilt wood structure beneath and installed new copper sheeting. Work platform is 55 feet above ground.

Ongoing work... East Lake - style Victorian home built in 1883. Over 6,000 sq ft and every room needs work. Restoration includes roof, wiring, plumbing, and much more.

Eight sided tower and widow's walk provide view of Lake Superior and condition of the roof.

Steam boiler pipes are insulated. extra pipe, wire, cable from previous 5 apartments is removed.
Work before 2005: Stairway restoration during conversion of duplex back to single-family dwelling, part of railing was in attic for 50 years, the balance of pieces were made to match.
Work before 2005: Repaired, with epoxy, or replace rafter tails as needed to keep original look.

Original railing details were covered with lap siding. Rebuilt entire railing with exact copies of original details
Major exterior restoration of 1880’s Victorian preformed over three summers. Replaced or repaired siding, rebuilt unique integral wood gutters and replaced custom fret work details. Researched missing details and reproduced from early photographs.
Restored interior of building that was basis of classic children’s story The Dandelion Cottage.